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Solutions DVD for Release 7.1

The following Solution versions are contained on this DVD.

Solution Version
ADASRP Blockset 7.1
ADTF Interface Blockset 7.1
AutomationDesk DOORS Connect&Sync 2.0
C++ Integration Kit 3.2.1
DS1006_QC Advanced Support Package 7.1
DS1006QC Ethernet Solution 7.1
DS4501 Arinc429 Interface NG 7.1
DS4501 ARINC717 Interface 7.1
DS4502 Profibus Solution 7.1
DS4504 Ethernet Solution 7.1
DS5202 ACMC Solution 7.1
DS5202 EMH Solution 7.1
DS5202 ENDAT Interface 7.1
DS5202 EtherCAT Slave Solution 7.1
DS5202 PSS Solution 7.1
DS5202 PWM Measurement Solution 7.1
Encode Decode Blockset 7.1
MABXII AC Motor Control Solution 7.1
PGI I²C Master/Slave Solution 7.1
PGI LTi TWINsync Solution 7.1
PGI SPI Master Solution 7.1
PGI SPI Slave Solution 7.1
RESOLVER Interface 7.1

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