CHAdeMO: Establishing Standards for Fast DC Charging

As a member of the CHAdeMO Association, dSPACE is promoting the development and establishment of CHAdeMO as a charging standard.

Together with CCS and the GB/T standard from China, CHAdeMO is one of the most widespread DC charging standards, allowing for seamless communication and power transmission between electric cars and charging stations. It was created by the CHAdeMO Association, which is also responsible for the certification and ensures compatibility between the electric vehicles and the charging stations. In addition to the ongoing development of CHAdeMO, dSPACE is also helping develop ChaoJi, a next-generation DC quick-charging standard for charge rates of up to 900 kW. ChaoJi is a joint initiative by China Electrical Council (CEC) and CHAdeMO.

dSPACE takes a comprehensive approach to e-mobility, from power generation to the powertrain, and was one of the first to offer a portfolio of development and test solutions. dSPACE covers the entire communication process and is a reliable partner for validation and simulation, as well as for the development of solutions to connect to and feed power back into the grid.

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