RCP and HIL Software Release 2014-A

Software Compatibility 32-bit Release

Windows Variant
Windows XP SP3  32-bit 
Windows 7 SP1 32-bit, 64-bit


Matlab Variant
MATLAB R2012b 32-bit 
MATLAB R2013a 32-bit 
MATLAB R2013b 32-bit 


Software Compatibility 64-bit Release

Windows Variant
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit


Matlab Variant
MATLAB R2012b 64-bit 
MATLAB R2013a 64-bit 
MATLAB R2013b 64-bit 


Supported Hardware


Type Details
DS1401  MicroAutoBox, MicroAutoBox II

  • Complete Contents List (64-bit) release2014a64bit.txt TXT, 11.4 KB
  • Complete Contents List (32-bit) release2014a32bit.txt TXT, 11.0 KB
Date 2014-05-15
Software Type Simulation Models, Implementation Software, Experiment and Visualization Software
Product ASM (Automotive Simulation Models), ConfigurationDesk, ModelDesk, MotionDesk, RCP and HIL Software, RTI (Real-Time Interface)
Information Type Reference Information
Information Category Versions and Compatibility
dSPACE Release 2014-A

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