FPGA Electric Drives

(based on Xilinx® System Generator)

dSPACE provides various real-time components with FPGAs that can be freely programmed by using either hand code (HDL) or a block-oriented environment. This training course focuses on the block-oriented approach. Xilinx® System Generator (XSG) is integrated directly in MATLAB®/Simulink® so that the procedure for modeling FPGA implementations for electric drives is similar to the process for modeling familiar microprocessors.

The training course will equip you with all the skills you need for working with the dSPACE XSG Electric Components Library to embed electric drive applications on FPGA-based real-time hardware:

  • Integrate inverter, motor, sensor and mechanical models directly on the FPGA
  • Run these models in open- or closed-loop control
  • Modify the components’ parameterization during run time

Because the training exercises contain elements from the dSPACE XSG Utils Library you must already be familiar with this library (necessary: FPGA Basic Training).

  • Engineers involved in HIL testing ECUs for electric drive applications
  • Required: Previous experience with MATLAB®/Simulink®, XSG Utils Library, ControlDesk, and ConfigurationDesk

  • Interfacing and configuring FPGA applications
  • Accessing the onboard I/O
  • Using the XSG Electric Components models to embed e-motor simulation on the FPGA

  • XSG Electric Components models
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • XILINX® System Generator (XSG)

  • Overview of the XSG Electric Components Library
  • Parameterization of FPGA components during runtime

DatesLocation and time Fee per person
November 11 - 12, 2021 Virtual classroom training € 850 (plus tax)

20% discount for universities

When booked in combination with 'FPGA Basic', the overall fee per person is € 1950 (plus tax)
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