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Current Topics

  • SYNECT Utility Copy Parameters To Data Pool for SYNECT 2.2 Dec 19, 2016

    This context menu extension for SYNECT provides the possibility to copy variables with their default and variant dependent values and also Parameter Sets from a SPM Project to the Data Pool.
  • SYNECT Utility Create Execution Plan For Linked Test Cases für SYNECT 2.2 Dec 19, 2016

    This SYNECT utility creates an Execution Plan for all linked test cases of the selected requirements or the selected requirements documents.
  • SYNECT Utility Automatically Link Test Cases to Reqirements By Name for SYNECT 2.2 Dec 19, 2016

    Utility for SYNECT to automatically link Test Cases and Requirements by a name matching.
  • SYNECT Test Management: February 22, 2018 (Paderborn) Jan 12, 2018

    Processing test data with SYNECT Test Management, including all the steps from handling requirements, test cases and execution plans to executing tests and evaluating the test results

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