Engineering Services for System Architecture

Service (example) Details (example)
Integrating SystemDesk into customer-specific development processes
  • Customer-specific integration with basic software configuration tools
  • Customer-specific integration with TargetLink and other behavior modeling tools
  • Adaptation to customer-specific data management solutionsD and 3-D motion platforms,
    steering test benches, piggy-back modules for FPGA Base Board)
Migrating customer-specific architectures
  • Import of existing system and software information from non-AUTOSAR formats
  • Non-AUTOSAR code integration
AUTOSAR support
  • Support for introducing the AUTOSAR-compliant development of software architectures
Model analysis and advice
  • dSPACE can help you analyze your models and modeling style with regard to efficiency, safety, and reusability
  • dSPACE will assist you in creating and optimizing company-specific guidelines and in applying industry-proven standards
Tool automation
  • Development of customer-specific scripts
    (e.g., mapping of architecture elements based on naming conventions, connection of software components based on customer rules)

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