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High-Voltage Electronic Load

Electronic load for power HIL simulation up to 700 V

The high-voltage electronic load from dSPACE is ideally suited for testing electric motor controllers including power electronics with emulated motor and precise real currents.

Application Areas

The new dSPACE electronic load makes it possible to emulate an electric motor and its battery during hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Consequently, this allows for testing control units for traction systems with voltages up to 700 V using integrated power electronics. The electronic load can either emulate arbitrary AC sources, e.g., two or three phases of 50 Hz, and up to 400 Hz or DC sources.

Typical applications are dynamic tests at power level of

  • Automotive motor controllers
  • Industrial servo controllers
  • DC/DC and AC/DC converters
  • Solid state transformers

For these applications the following test scenarios are possible, e.g.:

  • Functional tests
  • Load test (burn-in, end-of-line, controlled fault conditions)
  • Test of controller robustness (motor parameter variation)
  • Test of critical operation conditions

Key Benefits

  • Emulation of variable motor inductivities without the need to switch or exchange any hardware components.
  • In-house development of hardware and software by dSPACE, resulting in a turn-key-system from one provider
  • Identical open simulation models for tests on signal level or power level
  • Compact design with high energy density for an assembly with minimum space requirements
  • Water-cooled power electronics for user-friendly environmental conditions
  • Efficient operation due to a circular energy flow without laborious energy recovery to the mains
  • Specifically tailored for HIL simulation at power level
  • Safe test conditions due to safety mechanisms for power electronics

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