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DS2601 Signal Measurement Board

HighFlex board for measuring ECU output signals

The DS2601 is used in a SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulator. It provides current and voltage measurement during HIL tests of ECUs. It includes fuses that can be configured via software. The DS2601 can be equipped with on-board loads or external loads via a second connector. 

Application Area

The DS2601 Signal Measurement Board measures ECU output signals and passes the measurement values to the real-time processor. Signal measurement can be time-triggered or event-triggered, and the execution of signal measurement can be voltage- or current-triggered.


I/O Functionality

The DS2601 has 10 flexibly configurable input channels, which can connect analog (analog-digital converter) and also digital (comparator) measurement units to measure the current and voltage. For example, the measurement units can be combined to trigger analog current measurement if a specified voltage is exceeded. The channels are defined and configured in the ConfigurationDesk® software. The 10 channels on the DS2601 can be connected in parallel. This channel bundling increases the current carrying capacity up to 80 A (RMS). ConfigurationDesk displays the bundled channels as one single I/O function. The DS2601 supports the use of loads for the ECU. You can either plug substitute loads onto the board itself or connect real loads via a cable harness to the externally accessible load connector.  

Parameter Specification
  • 10 galvanically isolated channels for signal measurement
  • Load connections for plugging loads of up to 2 W on the board
  • External load connection (for real loads or substitute loads > 2 W)
Electrical capacity
  • Voltage ±60 V per channel
  • Continuous current ±10 A per channel
Signal measurement
(Flexible In 1)
  • Adjustable digital filtering for analog measurements
  • Current/voltage measurement: Sampling rate of up to 250 kHz
  Voltage measurement
  • Voltage measurement ±60 V per channel
  • Voltage, analog and digital (settable trigger value)
  • ADC resolution 16 bit
  Current measurement
  • Current measurement ±30 A per channel
  • Current measurement, analog and digital (settable trigger value)
  • ADC resolution 16 bit
  • Time-, angle- and event-driven signal measurement
  • Voltage-driven current measurement
  • Control from within the model
  Failure simulation
  • Onboard failure routing unit (FRU)
  • Signal forwarding to central FIU
  • Relay-based
  • Available for each channel
  Electronic fuses
  • Software-configurable and software-resettable
  • Fuse trip settable 0.5 ... 10 Aeff
Internal communication interface
Physical data Physical size
  • 410 x 100 x 41 mm (16.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 in)
  • Requires 2 slots
  Voltage supply
  • 24 V

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