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Welcome to dSPACE Learning Bits! Home of our new video podcast series. Here, you can view episodes covering a wide variety of topics related to embedded software development across different industries and applications – data-driven software development for autonomous vehicles, over-the-air radar testing, virtual validation, MIL, SIL and HIL testing, model-based control design, electro-mobility, electric drives, avionics, test benches, data management, and so much more.

Each episode features a personal, up-front interview with a technical expert, and touches upon key technologies, tools and best practices for optimizing embedded software applications.

Episode 3: Challenges in Data Logging for Autonomous Systems

How can you overcome challenges in data logging for autonomous driving development? In this episode, Marius Mueller, Strategic Product Manager of Real-Time Test and Development Solutions, dSPACE GmbH, offers a solution that goes way beyond simple data storage.




Past Episodes

Virtual Testing vs. Real-World Testing

Is testing in the virtual world the same as testing in the real environment? Michael Peperhowe, Manager of the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) Vehicle & Environment Group at dSPACE, explains the differences and the benefits.

Edge Computing

How can edge computing benefit the development process for autonomous vehicles?

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